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Warrior Pro---1/8th Nitro Powered Buggy - Pro Version---Item No.: A3015T-2
  • What started as a almost ready to run is now available completely ready to run. Our latest 1/8th scale offroad nitro rocket - The Warrior Pro.

    From the powerful .21 cu pull start nitro engine - breathing through a polished alloy tuned pipe to extract every last ounce of grunt - through to the oversized 16mm adjustable oil filled dampers this buggy means business!!
    The solid aluminium 3mm thick chassis, features a centralized design layout to provide a quicker steering response and is far more balanced than offset designs. The new lightweight ultra-compact  gear box and 3 differential driveline enhance this with a low center of gravity. All gears are metal for durability.
    The shock towers are 4mm alloy for strength and 'bash' resistance.  The suspension is multi adjustable for caster, camber, roll center and bump steer - enough to satisfy any budding racer.
    We release two versions for your choice! This is the promotion version.
    Satisfy your need for speed today!

  • Width: 310mm
    Height: 185mm
    Length: 505mm
    Wheel base:315-320mm
    Track F/r:310mm
    Ground clearance: 30mm
    Weight: 3300g
    Engine: .21 engine

    4WD, ready to run;
    Powerful .21 engine and 15kg high torque servo with metal gear;
    C-hub steering system. king pin axis extend to the wheel center improves steering performance;
    Developed suspension system, twin adjustable rear suspension modes for flexible driving mode & smooth driving mode;
    Lightweight ultra-compact gear box with a low center of gravity and high durability. Front bumper's backward movement, protect chassis distorted even broken when landing after jumps;
    Solid aluminum chassis, centralized chassis design to get quicker steering and fast response;
    Front universal drive shaft;
    Four disc brake system provides quick  brake response;
    16mm super big bore oil aluminum shocks.
    Easy to maintain and repair pinion gearbox;
    All steel gear;
    Fully adjustable sway bar ball cups;
    All connective tierods are adjustable.

    1/8 scale Buggy
    Instruction manual
    2.4G T&R


    4 x AA Batteries and 4 x AAA Batteries
    Glow starter
    Nitro Fuel