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Vanguard---1/10th Brushed On-Road Car---Item No.: A1001T-V1
  • The Vanguard is a 1/10 scale on-road racer designed for stability, ease of use and durability. The powerhouse of the model is the 540 brushed motor connected by an aluminium central shaft to the working front and rear differentials and then to specially made racing tyres. The dish type chassis helps to lower the centre of gravity and, in combination with the fitted sway bars and oil filled, fully adjustable shock absorbers, improves handling, acceleration as well as the cornering model. Other features of the model include fitted aluminium heat-sink to keep the motor cool, big front bumper for impact protection and sealed receiver box to keep the electronics safe and dry.
    The Vanguard would be an ideal model for someone who would like to discover the amazing world of RC car racing. The adjustable setup means it can be fine tuned for racing on different surfaces and in different conditions to give you a competitive advantage in races. The car comes fully built with radio gear included. Just add 4 AA batteries for the remote, charge the battery and prepare to enter the world of electric radio controlled racing.
  • Width: 189mm
    Height: 91.5mm
    Wheelbase: 259mm
    Gear Ratio: 7.42:1
    Wheel Dia: 64*26mm
    Ground clearance(F/R): 5mm
    Motor:  Brushed 540
    Servo: 4kg high-torque servo
    ESC:  Brushed 40A

    1/10 Scale electric powered touring, 4WD shaft drive system;
    4kg High-torque servo and 40A brushed ESC for bigger power;
    Fully assembled, ready to run;
    Low center of gravity design, stable and easy to control;

    Bevel gear differentials;
    Equipped with 540 motor w/enlarged size heat sink;
    Oil-filled shock absorbers, plastic or alum. for your choice.

    1/10th scale Electric on-road car
    Body Decal Set
    Instruction manual
    2.4G T&R


    4 x AAA Batteries
    Charger for Ni-Mh battery
    7.2V1800mah NiMh