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NB16T---1/16th Nitro Powered Truggy---Item No.: A3010T
  • The NB16-T is a 1/16th nitro car with a big powerful punch. Small enough for back yard racing but powerful enough to outrun a lot of full scale models! All the features and more that you would expect from a full size nitro car have been squeezed into this little monster truck. The result is a serious bit of kit for major back garden fun.

    As with full scale models, this car features oil filled shocks, aluminium chassis and shock towers. Off-road tyres, front and rear working differentials for better grip and faster cornering, disc brakes to slow this model from the top speed driving in just a few meters, are just a few of many features of this model.

    Mini nitro models have been very popular since Acme released the world's first mini nitro car in 2006 because unlike the original sized models you do not need a field or track to race them on. If you want a model that you can race both seriously at tracks but also have some fun with at home then this is the model to go for.

  • Specifications:
    Height: 120mm
    Length: 307mm
    Track: 210mm
    Wheel base: 191mm
    Gear Ratio: 11.2:1
    Wheel Dia.: 73mm
    Engine: .07
    Ground clearance(F/R): 15mm

    1/16 scale nitro powered truggy, 4WD shaft drive;
    Fully assembled, ready to run, drives very fast;
    Powerful mini engine, durable pullstarter for easy starting;
    Front & rear sway bar system;
    High torque mini servos;
    Solid universal joint cup;
    high performance ball bearings complete;
    Durable off road tires;
    Oil filled shock absorber, alum. or plastic for your choice;
    Adjustable linkage design, single speed can upgrade to 2-speed;
    Adjustable toe/rebound stop;
    38cc fuel tank;
    Hop ups in alum. available.

    1/16 scale nitro powered Truck
    Instruction Manual
    2.4G T&R

    4*AAA Battery

    Glow Starter
    Nitro Fuel