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NB16T---1/16th Nitro Powered Truggy --- Fully Metal Version---Item No.: A3010T-SE
  • The NB16T SE version is the next generation of the standard NB16T, upgraded with a two speed automatic gearbox, tough aluminum shock absorbers and aluminum shock tower. It also comes fully loaded with racing ball bearings throughout instead of the standard metal bearings found in most models.
    The NB16T SE boasts the high build quality of all Acme models with a strong alloy chassis, shaft driven 4WD system and sealed radio compartments. These nitro radio controlled cars come fully built with radio control included. Just add fuel and a glow start and prepare for some serious driving fun.

    As well as all the features found on the standard NB16 nitro Truggy this SE version includes the following:
    ·Aluminum upper wishbones
    ·Aluminum lower wishbones
    ·Aluminum knuckle arms

    ·Aluminum bracket C
    ·Aluminum bearing support brackets
    ·Polished aluminum pipe
    ·Aluminum shock towers

    ·Alum. oil filled adjustable shock absorbable
    .Alum. servo saver complete

  • Specifications:
    Height: 120mm
    Length: 307mm
    Track: 210mm
    Wheel base: 191mm
    Gear Ratio: 11.2:1
    Wheel Dia.: 73mm
    Engine: .07
    Ground clearance(F/R): 15mm

    1/16 scale nitro powered truggy, 4WD shaft drive;
    Fully assembled, ready to run;
    Powerful mini engine, durable pullstarter for easy starting;
    Front & rear sway bar system, high torque mini servos;
    Solid universal joint cup/high performance ball bearings complete;
    Durable off road tires and alum. spoke wheel rims;
    Adjustable linkage design, 2- speed;
    Adjustable toe/rebound stop;
    38cc fuel tank;
    Thick aluminium shock mounts;
    Solid steel drive cups;
    2 pieces racing clutch;
    Disc brake system gives ultimate stopping power;
    Metal manifold.

    1/16 scale nitro powered Truck
    Instruction Manual
    2.4G T&R

    4 x AAA Batteries
    Glow Starter
    Nitro Fuel